Online Coaching Program

Online Coaching Program


  • Customised GYM training program
  • Customised macronutrient targets in line with body composition goals (altered as required & depending on your goal, assistance with food sources, meal ideas etc).
  • Access to coaching app, which is the hub for your training, nutrition and weekly check ins.
  • A team coaching approach, with the involvement of multiple staff members and coaches throughout your program. Technique and performance reviews via the coaching app from myself and my team of coaches.
  • Access to the Private Facebook Community.
  • Weekly Zoom coaching calls, to review the week, set goals and ask any questions or queries you may have.
  • Weekly group seminars where we cover educational topics and connect you with like-minded women.
  • Educational modules covering my key philosophies, and empowering you with the knowledge to continue working towards your goals independently.
  • Connecting with a group of supportive and positive women in the program working towards their goals.


  • Initial start-up fee of $99 AUD
  • $149 AUD per week for the 16 weeks (discounted long-term coaching available beyond 16 weeks).

I offer an intimate and premium coaching service with a heavy focus on education, allowing you to enjoy the journey, make sustainable change and most importantly, reach your fitness goals.

If this is something that interests you, put in an application at the link below.